Professional voice-over artist for your corporate, web or training video, audiobook, commercial or voice-response system in English, Dutch or German.
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Working with a voice-over artist needn't be a trial. It should be fast, easy and a pleasant, professional experience. So let me help you out!

1. Just send me your text (or a sample). I'll get back to you with a quote, based on the number of words and the type of project.

2. I'll send you a free demo of a few minutes of your text for free with NO obligation, if you like.

Happy with the demo? Just send me a downpayment of 30% via PayPal and I'll get started. (I'll send you a Paypal request to make it easy for you.)

3. When you get your recording back, you pay the remainder. But not before you are completely happy with EVERY WORD of the recording!

Martijn Warnas is The Easy Voice-Over Guy. (Hey, call me Martin if you like.)

I'm Dutch, bi-lingual and I've been a full-time voice-over artist, radio host and general layabout for ... forever, come to think of it.

My voice isn't the standard deep rumbling American voice, nor the wannabe DJ. It's an ageless voice, meaning that everyone who hears it seems to think I'm THEIR age.

I have a distinctly British accent (often referred to as Home Counties or BBC Standard) that will not go away. That's because they beat that accent into me with a crowbar (and at considerable expense). In Dutch I have no regional accent at all.

I've voiced hundreds of voice response systems, training videos, webpresentations, promotional videos, a couple of commercials, computergames, audiobooks and, sadly, I've even voiced a talking trashcan. Apart from that I'm a newsanchor for a regional station.

I do this for a living. I'm here ALL WEEK and I don't need to ask my boss for a day off to help you. I've got a studio and I run a business. As such, my policy is simply this: satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

So, how can I help you? Drop me an email at:

or tweet me via @meneerwarnas


Voice Response System menu demo

Corporate video voice-over demo

Instructional video voice-over demo


I've got a lot of generic files FOR FREE. Free audio clips for or your radio station, voice response system and more. Just click here to see what's on offer. Did I mention it was FREE?!

EasyVoiceOverGuy is based in The Netherlands and transactions are subject to Dutch law. Downpayments are required for Non-Dutch customers. Terms and conditions apply. Business hours are mon-sat 10:00 am to 22:00 CET. Average turnover time is 24 hours after receipt of your downpayment.